Real estate consignment service for rent in Da Nang with Thue Nhanh Hon


real estate consignment service for rent in Da Nang



What is real estate consignment? The answer is: Real estate consignment is an arrangement in which individuals or organizations, companies leave in the possession of an authorized agency in order to sell or lease premises such as: Office space, houses, apartments… Then real estate agency is going to sell or lease premises to help the lanlord and receive comission from successful deals. This is a win-win relationship between real estate owners and agencies.


Thue Nhanh Hon is an agency specialized in real estate consignment in lease premises. With many experienced experts in real estate,Thue Nhanh Hon gradually becomes a leading brand in real estate market for lease in Da Nang and wins trust from customers and partners. We always expect to provide the best service to customers, Thue Nhanh Hon usually makes every efforts to improve our service.


Along with the development of Da Nang in recent years, the demand of trading and leasing office space, apartments has progressively risen. In this case, thanks to the effectiveness of marketing and technology, leasing premises become easier; especially via real estate agency, the consignment between lessor and lessee is more and more convinient.

Thue Nhanh Hon accepts all kinds of premises for lease. We will support customers as much as we can who want to lease their houses, office space in Da Nang. By now, we have partnership with almost office buildings in Da Nang.


In order to provide customers and real estate investors worthy premises as well as increasing the value and reducing the expense, we try our best to find lessee renting the lease premises with lanlord’s expected price.


Being a professional in Real Estate For Lease, we look forwards to long-term cooporation and transparency with consignment contract when Thue Nhanh Hon and landlord achieve agreements.

If you want to consign any premises in Da Nang, please contact us via hotline or fill in the form below. We will confirm you as soon as possible!