Office Feng Shui: Place Your Desk In The Command Position

Office Feng Shui: Place Your Desk In The Command Position

When you set up an office in your home or at work, your most important Feng Shui consideration is the placement of your desk.

Just as your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home, Feng Shui considers the placement of your desk to be critical to your business and financial success.


If at all possible, place your desk in the Command Position.

The Command Position is located diagonally across from the entry to the room, with your back to a solid wall and giving you the widest possible view of the room.

Positions #1, #2 or #3 all give you the best visual control. Ideally you can see all of the room’s doors and windows when you sit in the Command Posit


Visual control over your space gives you a much greater degree of true control over your work life. How often have you seen top executives sitting with their backs to the doors of their offices?


A correctly-placed desk

  • Puts you in charge of your business life;
  • Allows you to identify & invite in new business opportunities;
  • Puts you at ease as you work;
  • Places you in either the Wealth or Business Relationship Bagua sector of your office;
  • Prevents your thoughts and business Chi from floating out the window toward a distant view; and
  • Helps you avoid feeling confronted or creatively blocked by a solid wall in front of you.

If you’re accustomed to facing a wall or a window as you work, give the Command Position a try for just one week to see all the benefits this simple Feng Shui principle can bring into your business life.